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BitcoinBakersfield.com is dedicated to providing basic information about bitcoin to  anyone interested in learning about this new technology & innovation called bitcoin,  listing local Bakersfield locations currently accepting bitcoins, helping merchants looking  to accept bitcoin, and networking opportunities for Bakersfield, CA bitcoiners. You should not speculate or invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocoins and only start using, investing, mining, trading, storing, and/or holding once you are fully aware of the  benefits and risk of bitcoin or any other cryptocoins. We take no responsibility on your use or investments in bitcoin or any other cryptocoins and you should educate yourself and  get advise from your tax and investment advisers including understanding the security of  bitcoin exchanges, storage, and wallets before involvement in bitcoin.   Pass out an Acceptance Card (Get it here and change as wanted) (.doc file)
This is a “Not for Profit” website. We only hold a very, very, very small amount of bitcoin and BitcoinBakersfield.com is basically a bitcoin fan site with some very fun and basic information that can be found on the Internet. We do not invest in any of the companies stated at BitcoinBakersfield.com or make any money from any websites listed unless indicated. Websites are listed for information purposes only and are not endorsed by BitcoinBakersfield.com. This site was started so you may have a simple one stop website to find the information you may be interested in and help the local Bakersfield community as we live in Bakersfield, CA.


Life as it should be.